Through the voices of the peoples of Africa and the global South, Pambazuka Press and Pambazuka News disseminate analysis and debate on the struggle for freedom and justice.

Pambazuka Press (incorporating Fahamu Books)

With bases in Nairobi, Cape Town, Dakar and Oxford, Pambazuka Press publishes a growing list of book titles on human rights, social justice, politics and advocacy in Africa, written by well-known African academics, public intellectuals and activists.

We also publish training materials on CD-ROMs to strengthen the capacity of civil society organisations in Africa to promote and protect human rights and to help them become sustainable and effective organisations.
A number of these CD-ROMs are also available as tutored, online courses from Fahamu.

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Pambazuka News

Whether it's Kenya's electoral crisis or the mass killings in Darfur, Pambazuka News is the source of authentic voices of Africa's social activists and analysts – a platform for voices that challenge mainstream perceptions and biases.

Published in English, French and Portuguese and with a readership of over 500,000, Pambazuka comprises a social network of more than 1,500 academics, activists, women's rights campaigners, bloggers, artists and commentators who together produce insightful and thoughtful analyses that make it one of the most innovative and influential sites for social justice in Africa.

Bridging the gap between activists and scholars, Pambazuka publishes e-newsletters, podcasts, radio programmes, videos and books. It fosters a community of African citizens who hold their governments to account, supports pan-African campaigns for human rights and social justice, and enables African women and marginalised groups
to develop their own blogs, podcasts and mobile phone campaigns.

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Our mission
Fahamu supports the strengthening of human rights and social justice movements by:
•    promoting innovative use of information and communications technologies
•    stimulating debate, discussion and analyses
•    publishing news and information
•    developing and delivering educational courses, including by distance learning.

Our strategy
Our strategy is to:
•    expand the forum for human rights and social justice in Africa
•    expand public awareness of human rights
•    strengthen civil society organisations
•    root Fahamu in Africa.

Fahamu comprises a small core of highly skilled and experienced staff based in Nairobi, Kenya; Cape Town, South Africa; Dakar, Senegal; and Oxford, UK. We also have a network of associates located in Africa, UK and elsewhere. Fahamu works with a wide range of international partners.

To find out more about the people involved in Pambazuka and Fahamu, visit the Fahamu website.