The Great Food Robbery

The Great Food Robbery

How Corporations Control Food, Grab Land and Destroy the Climate


Everyone should read The Great Food Robbery – every citizen, every political leader – to understand how agribusiness, which has created hunger and disease, is now contributing to the biggest resource grab since Columbus.
Vandana Shiva, Navdanya/Research Foundation for Science Technology & Ecology


The global food system is in profound crisis. More than a billion people suffer from hunger, and their numbers are rising faster than the global population. Yet more than enough food is produced to feed everybody in the world. At the same time we are heading deeper into a global climate crisis, for which the industrial food system is to a large extent to blame. Meanwhile corporations are grabbing huge areas of land and water systems in poor countries, and displacing rural communities.

The Great Food Robbery looks at looks at the forces behind these developments. It focuses on corporations and the ways they organise and control food production and distribution because it is corporations who are mainly responsible for the expansion of the damaging industrial food system. The corporate food system destroys food systems based on local markets, local cultures, biodiversity and, most of all, people. It puts the profits of the few before the needs of people and leads to massive food safety incidents, environmental destruction, labour exploitation and the decimation of rural communities.

This book is intended to reveal the ways in which corporations seek to increase their control over the food system so that they can be more effectively challenged. It aims to provide information and analysis that enables and inspires people to take action to take the food system back from corporations and put it in the hands of people.

Title The Great Food Robbery
Subtitle How Corporations Control Food, Grab Land and Destroy the Climate
Edition First Edition
Author GRAIN
Publisher Pambazuka Press
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Title First Published 17 May 2012
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Format Paperback
Nb of pages 164 p.
ISBN-10 085749113X
ISBN-13 9780857491138
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Publication Date 17 May 2012
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