The Great Food Robbery

The Great Food Robbery

How Corporations Control Food, Grab Land and Destroy the Climate

"This is the final wake-up call to take up the fight for our food future. If the control over food and nutrition security are a concern to you, this is the book. The global food system is broke, it needs to be redesigned with the people at its center, not the corporations."
- Dr. Hans R. Herren, president, Millennium Institute

New Agriculturist
Jun 8, 2012
The great food robbery

Published by GRAIN
2012, 161pp, ISBN 978 0 85749 113 8 (Pb), £14.95
This large format, well designed and illustrated volume covers the same ground as Food Rebellions. It opens with the premise that the global food system is in a profound crisis and looks at the forces - mainly large corporations that dominate production and trade in foodstuffs - that are behind the distortions and contradictions that GRAIN and many others believe to be responsible for the crisis. "We focus on corporations because they are the leading actors driving the expansion of the industrial food system and we are concerned about how their actions impact on people and the planet." Now, the acquisition of very extensive landholdings by wealthy organisations and speculators is broadening the control of food production by mega-corporations.

- New Agriculturist

"For 20 years, GRAIN has fuelled anti-corporate campaigns with its groundbreaking research and biting analysis. Today, GRAIN is on the leading edge of the fight against land grabs, powered by its signature political clarity and deep roots in the social movements on the front lines. A must read."
- Naomi Klein, Author of The Shock Doctrine

"This timely and important book exposes the growing danger of agribusiness and land grabbers to our future and stirs us to urgently join the global movement for food and climate justice.  Onwards."
- Rajasvini Bhansali, Executive Director, International Development Exchange (IDEX)

"Once again, GRAIN asks vital questions about the abuse of corporate power and world's broken food system."
- Katia Maia, Head, Oxfam's Grow Campaign.

"This is vital reading for anybody interested in understanding the links between the climate, energy, financial and food crises - and how the questions of control over resources and power must be addressed if we want real solutions."
- Prof. Olivier De Schutter, UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food

"A brilliant study that effectively cuts through the rhetoric to reveal the real issues affecting our planet. A commendable collection of the key concerns GRAIN has been advocating for the last twenty years."
- Anuradha Mittal, founder and executive director of the Oakland Institute

"We now live in a permanent war between peasant's agriculture, which is still feeding most people on earth, and corporate agribusiness which is taking control over territories, seeds, water and local knowledge. This book is a tool to help us regain control and chose our own food system."
- Henry Saragih, General Coordinator of the international farmers movement La Via Campesina and Secretary general of the Indonesian Peasant Union (SPI)

"Here is the manual we have been waiting for on how to outlaw the plunder of corporate land grabs and advance the "food sovereignty" agenda that small farmers the world over have been advocating."  
- John Cavanagh, Director, Institute for Policy Studies and co-author of "Development Redefined: How the Market Met its Match"

"The Great Food Robbery: How Corporations Control Food, Grab Land and Destroy the Climate names the names of those responsible for the destruction of our world. But most importantly, it highlights the movements, institutions, and individuals who are defending and healing the planet.

This book paints a clear picture of the interconnectedness of issues and the need for global solidarity in defence of our common inheritance – Mother Earth in her great abundance providing for all our needs, but not our gluttony."
- Njoki Njoroge Njehu, Director, Daughters of Mumbi Resource Center

"Remarkable in its global scope and rigorous attention to detail, this book describes just how the corporate food regime is destroying the environment, poisoning our food, and devastating millions of rural livelihoods in their insatiable search for profit. A must read!"
- Eric Holt-Giménez, executive director, FoodFirst/Institute for Food and Development Policy