Experiments with Peace:

Experiments with Peace:

Celebrating Peace on Johan Galtung's 80th Birthday
Edited by Jørgen Johansen, John Y. Jones

People and Planet
Apr 18, 2011
As Britain tumbles into another conflict in the Middle East, this book provides a timely look at peace and how to achieve it. Published last October to coincide with the 80th birthday of Johan Galtung, the often celebrated and occasionally controversial founder of the academic discipline of Peace Studies, the book takes a scattershot look at a range of topics related to Galtung's research, interests and life.

- Steven Heywood, People and Planet

Turning 80 24 October 2010 I received a wonderful Festschrift, edited by two of [my friends], Jörgen Johansen and John Y. Jones (Experiments With Peace, Pamabazuka Press) with a content so rich that it is almost incredible. After a deep introduction by the editors and beautiful forewords by Desmond Tutu and Narayan Desai (the son of Gandhi's secretary) follow no less than 34 excellent essays, also serving as correctives on my own work. They will be reflected in this book, but the Festschrift is a major peace studies text in its own right.
- Johan Galtung, in preface to 'A Theory of Peace', forthcoming.