Experiments with Peace:

Experiments with Peace:

Celebrating Peace on Johan Galtung's 80th Birthday
Edited by Jørgen Johansen, John Y. Jones


Jørgen Johansen & John Y. Jones

Desmond Tutu
Narayan Desai

Eradicating Violence
Guadelupe Abrego

From Conflict to Dignity – Sabona
Synøve Faldalen

Nonviolent Geopolitics
Richard Falk

Learning from Nature
Dietrich Fischer

The Global and the Local
Bernd Hamm

Resistance to Taxation for Military Spending
Alexander Harang

How Long is the Run for Peace?
Fredrik S. Heffermehl

Some Thoughts about Johan Galtung's Teaching and Cooperative Learning Methods
Sara Horowitz

Deconstructing and Reconstructing the Global Financial Crisis
Sohail Inayatullah

Analysing External Support to Nonviolent Revolutions
Jørgen Johansen

Obama's Incredible Lightness of Empire
John Y. Jones

Structural violence
George Kent*

Global terrorism and global hegemony
Ninan Koshy

From Omnicide to Abolition
David Krieger

The Traveller's Guide
Poka Lainui

1989: A Journey with Johan Galtung
Jonathan D. London

Toward Transcendence
Ramon Lopez-Reyes

Peace Journalism
Jake Lynch

The UN's Tripartite Peace Architecture amidst Promises and Challenges for Sustaining Peace
Erin McCandless

From Means to Ends and Back Again
Brian Martin

Nature, Survival and Solidarity
Henning Melber

From Violent to Peace-oriented Masculinities
Ivana Milojevic

Political leadership, non-violence and love
Galtung’s theory on Peace Journalism and Norwegian journalism on Afghanistan
Rune Ottosen

Approaches to Peacebuilding in Nepal
Bishnu Pathak

The Destruction of Enemies
Vithal Rajan

Sport and Conflict Transformation
Andrew Rigby

Difficult Reconciliation?
Chaiwat Satha-Anand

Overcoming War
Christine Schweitzer

The Persistence of Tradition
Paul D. Scott

With Johan Galtung to India – on the road
Sigmund Kvaløy Setreng

Kama Sutra and Conflict Sutra
S. P. Udayakumar

An Experiment in Academic Diplomacy
Peter Wallensteen

Peace Research and Black Swans
Jan Øberg


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