Tax Us If You Can

Tax Us If You Can

Why Africa Should Stand Up for Tax Justice


Tax Justice Network-Africa

The Tax Justice Network for Africa (TJN-A) is a pan African initiative and part of the international Tax Justice Network.

TJN-A was launched at the World Social Forum in Nairobi in January 2007. The Network's steering committee represents different organisations across Africa and has a secretariat based at Econews-Africa in Nairobi Kenya.

TJN-A aims to promote socially just, democratic and progressive taxation systems in Africa, advocating for tax systems that are favourable to the poor and finance public goods. It challenges harmful tax policies and practices that favour the wealthy and that encourage unacceptable inequality.

The purpose of this initiative is to mainstream tax justice in the economic discourse in Africa. TJN-A provides a platform dedicated to enabling African researchers, campaigners and policy makers to cooperate in the struggle against illicit capital flight, tax evasion, tax competition and other harmful trends in tax policy and practice.