Food Sovereignty

Food Sovereignty

Reconnecting Food, Nature and Community
Edited by Annette Aurélie Desmarais, Nettie Wiebe, Hannah Wittman


1 The Origins & Potential of Food Sovereignty
Hannah Wittman, Annette Desmarais & Nettie Wiebe

- Initiating the Food Sovereignty Concept
- The Scope of Food Sovereignty
- Broadening the Struggle for Food Sovereignty
- Exploring Key Aspects of Food Sovereignty

2 Framing Resistance: International Food Regimes & the Roots of Food Sovereignty
Madeleine Fairbairn

- Conceptual Framework: Food Regimes & Neoliberalization
- Frames for the "Free World": The Right to Food & Freedom from Hunger
- Regime Crisis & Reconceptualization: The Emergence of Food Security
- Individual Access, Neoliberal Means: The Transition to Household Food Security
- Counterframe for the Corporate Food Regime: The Food Sovereignty Movement
- The Potential of Food Sovereignty

3 Seeing Like a Peasant: Voices from La Vía Campesina
Itelvina Masioli and Paul Nicholson
- Note

4 "Drawing Forth the Force that Slumbered in Peasants' Arms": The Economist, High Agriculture & Selling Capitalism
Jim Handy and Carla Fehr

- A Land without Peasants
- The Mythical Benefits of Enclosure
- "The Superstitious Worship of S's Name"
- "A Business to Be Undertaken by Capitalists"
- From Liberalism to Neoliberalism

5 Capitalist Agriculture, the Food Price Crisis & Peasant Resistance
Walden Bello and Mara Baviera

- A Perfect Storm?
- The Agrofuel Factor
- Structural Adjustment & Trade Liberalization
- Eroding the Mexican Countryside
- Creating a Rice Crisis in the Philippines
- Destroying African Agriculture
- Capitalism versus the Peasant
- Resistance
- The Conjuncture

6 Another Agrarian Transition
Eric Holt-Giménez and Annie Shattuck

- Agrofuels Myths
- The Agrofuels Boom
- The Agrofuels Transition
- Food Sovereignty: From Extraction to Redistribution

7 Reconnecting Agriculture & the Environment: Food Sovereignty & the Agrarian Basis of Ecological Citizenship
Hannah Wittman

- Technology, Efficiency & the Separation of Nature from Agriculture
- Agrarian Citizenship as an Alternative Agroecological Rationality
- Food Sovereignty: Enacting Agrarian Citizenship
- The Campaign against Green Deserts
- The Seed Sovereignty Campaign

8 Food Sovereignty & Redistributive Land Policies: Exploring Linkages, Identifying Challenges
Saturnino M. Borras Jr. and Jennifer C. Franco

- Land-Based Social Relations, Not "Things"
- Dynamics of Reform
- Struggles around Land Policies & Food Sovereignty
- Struggling for Food Sovereignty in Politically Consolidated Lands

9 Scaling Up Agroecological Approaches for Food Sovereignty in Latin America
Miguel A. Altieri

- Small Farmers Are Key
- Enhancing the Productivity of Small-Farm Systems through Agroecology
- Rural Social Movements & Agroecology
- Outlook & Prospects

10 Unearthing the Cultural & Material Struggles over Seed in Malawi
Rachel Bezner Kerr

- A Brief History of Seeds & Agriculture in Malawi
- Seeds as Multiple Sites of Struggles over Sovereignty
- Social Practices Linking Maize & Groundnut Seed to Food Sovereignty

11 Seed Sovereignty: The Promise of Open Source Biology
Jack Kloppenburg

- The Erosion of Farmers' Seed Sovereignty: The Privatization of Biodiversity
- Resisting Exclusion, Creating Alternatives?
- Open Source Movements: From Software to Wetware
- A BioLinux for Seeds?
- Pursuing Seed Sovereignty

12 Food Sovereignty in Movement: Addressing the Triple Crisis
Philip McMichael

- Food Sovereignty
- Adaptation
- Seed Politics
- Energy Security

13 What Does Food Sovereignty Look Like?
Raj Patel

- The Etymology of "Food Sovereignty"
- Big Tents & Rights Talk
- Hannah Arendt & the Right to Have Rights
- The Trace of Partial Universality in La Vía Campesina

Appendix 1
The Right to Produce and Access to Land

Food Sovereignty: A Future without Hunger
Our World Is Not For Sale
Priority to Peoples' Food Sovereignty