How Europe Underdeveloped Africa

How Europe Underdeveloped Africa

Walter Rodney

"Walter Rodney's magisterial opus is recognized globally as a landmark in African Studies, not to mention the history of colonialism and imperialism.  Beautifully written and expertly argued, it is that rare book that can be called a classic.  It belongs on every bookshelf."
- Gerald Horne, historian, author, activist

"This book is a legendary classic that galvanized freedom fighters around the world. We miss Walter Rodney but we do have his great witness and work!"
- Cornel West, philosopher, author, critic, activist and prominent member of the Democratic Socialists of America

"The republication of Brother Walter's classic How Europe Underdeveloped Africa is as exciting as it is timely.  It provides a much-needed historical context, butressed by authoritative scholarship and masterful analysis, to an understanding of Africa's current predicament and enormous possibilties. This is not history for history's sake--it is history in the present and as a guide to praxis for a better future. Every person in Africa and of African descent, and every European, would be the richer for studying this text and taking its lessons to heart."
- Norman Girvan, Professor Emeritus, University of the West Indies

"masterpiece of historical analysis that has remained both pointed and relevant in spite of the passage of time. In fact, in the face of the massive new scramble that is unfolding on Africa, Rodney's classic serves as an irreplaceable companion which African citizens and leaders must digest in order to meaningfully resist the continued prolongation of the pillage and underdevelopment of the continent under old and new guises, and by old and new actors."
- Professor Adebayo Olukoshi, director of the UN African Institute for Economic Development and Planning

"This classic work of black political thought, political economy, and African history inspired scholars and political activists in the struggle against colonialism and its misrepresentations of the past.  I applaud this reissue, which should bring Rodney's prescient analysis to a new generations struggling from below, in whose hands, he would have reminded us, is no less than the future of humankind."
- Lewis R. Gordon, author of 'An Introduction to Africana Philosophy'

"This book of Walter Rodney is a milestone in the history of Africa thinking for itself. Rodney demonstrated the so called "under development" of Africa was produced by the very integration of the continent in global capitalism, first through the slave trade and then direct colonisation."
- Samir Amin, economist and director of Forum du Tiers Monde (Third World Forum), Dakar, Senegal

"As the world capitalist system is showing signs of collapse, Walter Rodney's
brilliant study of that system in relation to Africa is re-emerging as a
classic. Pan-Africanists should not only read and re-read 'How Europe
Underdeveloped Africa' but also revisit how the revolutionary Rodney set
about to construct an alternative to the vicious system in his native
- Issa Shivji, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Research Chair in Pan-African Studies, University of Dar es Salaam

"Walter Rodney's 'How Europe Underdeveloped Africa' helped to transform the thinking of a generation of activists.  Using a concrete analysis Rodney examined the impact of slavery and colonialism on the Continent, thereby laying the foundation for strategies for genuine liberation.  Today's republication should not only inspire a new generation of activists and scholars but also help in the development of updated strategies for challenging neo-liberal globalization and neo-colonialism."
- Bill Fletcher, Jr., racial justice, labor and international activist and writer; immediate past president TransAfrica Forum; co-author, 'Solidarity Divided'

"Walter Rodney's seminal and revolutionary text has nurtured generations of radical thinkers all over the world. How Europe Underdeveloped Africa has become prophetic in its scathing relevance for today's militarized globalization and the new hi-tech corporate scramble for Africa. Pambazuka Press has done the world a powerful service by making this text widely available to a generation that surely needs Rodney’s incisive analysis of a global system that has upgraded the pillaging of Africa, and so intensified popular struggles for the most basic freedoms."
- Amina Mama, professor, University of California, Davis, USA

"This book is for all bold enough to envision an end to capitalist exploitation and the rise of a safer planet, a stronger Africa and a better world in the 21st century and beyond."
- Emira Woods, co-director of Foreign Policy in Focus at the Institute for Policy Studies

"In this book, Walter Rodney admonished us forty years ago that, "Not only are there African accomplices inside the imperialist system, but every African has a responsibility to understand the system and work for its overthrow." The republishing of this book is another reminder of our responsibility."
- Horace Campbell, professor of African American Studies at Syracuse University

"If Walter Rodney's assassins were under the impression that they could arrest the flow of his ideas by destroying his body, they could have not been more wrong. Three decades later, Rodney's classic study of the impact of European capitalism on the continent of Africa continues to provoke, inspire, and educate.  In the context of the new resistance to global capitalism, his captivating analysis resonates more than ever before."
- Angela Y. Davis, University of California, Santa Cruz

"Bold, provocative and reflecting a wide-ranging intellect, Walter Rodney's book has helped change the way people on several continents think about colonialism and neocolonialism. Perhaps the best testimony to its impact is that it is one of those rare works … that people are still arguing over decades after its initial publication. It's wonderful to have this important work available again."
- Adam Hochschild, author, 'King Leopold's Ghost' and 'Bury the Chains'

GNI Publications
Dr Odeen Ishmael discovered a series of pre-assasination files, assassination documents and a collection of speeches and articles, all on Walter Rodney, upon taking up his post as Ambassador of Guyana to the United States in June 1993. Files that were never meant to be seen have been made public on his site here. Fascinating reading.
- Dr Odeen Ishmael, GNI Publications