How Europe Underdeveloped Africa

How Europe Underdeveloped Africa

Walter Rodney


Chapter One – Some Questions on Development
What is Development
What is Underdevelopment?

Chapter Two – How Africa Developed Before the Coming of the Europeans up to the 15th Century
General Over-View
Concrete Examples

Chapter Three – Africa's Contribution to European Capitalist Development – the Pre-Colonial Period
How Europe Became the Dominant Section of a World- Wide Trade System
Africa's contribution to the economy and beliefs of early capitalist Europe

Chapter Four – Europe and the Roots of African Underdevelopment — to 1885
The European Slave Trade as a Basic Factor in African Underdevelopment
Technological Stagnation and Distortion of the African Economy in the Pre-Colonial Epoch
Continuing Politico-Military Developments in Africa – 1500 to 1885

Chapter Five – Africa's Contribution to the Capitalist
Development of Europe — the Colonial Period
Expatriation of African Surplus Under Colonialism
The Strengthening of Technological and Military Aspects of Capitalism

Chapter Six – Colonialism as a System for Underdeveloping Africa
The Supposed Benefits of Colonialism to Africa
Negative Character of the Social, Political and Economic Consequences
Education for Underdevelopment
Development by Contradiction