Global History

Global History

A View from the South

Dec 10, 2010
The books follow the pertain of intellectual researches of the septugenerian thinker and revolutionary scholar. Amin's life, since youth have been about struggle against western hegemony.

Like the thoughts of a radical thinker which get refined and robust with time and re-examination, three new books of Samir Amin books recently released by Pambazuka Press show the error in contemporary modes of reporting global history as well as highlight the folly in thinking that capitalism will save the world.

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Blog: Andreas Bieler
May 28, 2012
Samir Amin, Global History and the critique of Eurocentrism

Samir Amin is regularly put together with three other progressive, left academic intellectuals, Immanuel Wallerstein, Andre Gunder Frank and Giovanni Arrighi. And indeed, he collaborated closely with them especially during the 1970s, when they were known within academia as the 'Gang of Four'. Nevertheless, his book Global History: A View from the South (Pambazuka Press, 2011) makes clear that Samir Amin has adopted independent positions on a number of key issues, which differentiate him from the others and provide the basis for an important criticism of Eurocentrism.

- Blog: Andreas Bieler