Pambazuka – participative training in human rights

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Fahamu is pleased to be able to publish Pambazuka – Participative Training in Human Rights, developed by the Kenya Human Rights Commission.

This CDROM addresses concerns that have for too long been neglected by human rights organisations – namely the protection and promotion of human rights amongst rural populations.

The publication consists of two parts. 'Dying to be free' is the story of the heroic struggle for survival, justice and dignity by rice farmers in Mwea District, Kenya. Established under colonial rule in 1950, the Mwea Irrigation Scheme was built by detainees of Kenya's liberation movement. It was conceived as a settlement area for landless Kikuyu dispossessed of their land by British occupation. The scheme was continued by successive Kenyan governments under both President Jomo Kenyatta and President Daniel arap Moi. A 'virtual serfdom' was established whereby farmers worked on land for which they had no title deed and were forced to hand over their produce to the National Irrigation Board.

'Dying to be free' demonstrates how resistance to violations of social and economic rights results in confrontations with the state that inevitably lead to violations of civil and political rights. It demonstrates that in practice, it is not possible to distinguish between what the Northern human rights movement categorises as 'first, second and third generation' rights. Furthermore, 'Dying to be free’ demonstrates that the struggle for ‘development’ and rights are intimately intertwined. The second part of this publication, ‘Pambazuka’, provides an introduction to the methodologies used in conducting the investigations reported in ‘Dying to be free’. How do we engage rural communities so that they will speak of their own experiences? How can we help them to organise to claim their rights? What are the skills required to do this? Drawing upon the traditions of ‘participatory rural appraisal’ (PRA), ‘Pambazuka’ outlines the methodologies developed by the Kenya Human Rights Commission.

Copies of the Pambazuka CDROM may be obtained from the Kenya Human Rights Commission.

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Title Pambazuka – participative training in human rights
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