Local Governance and ICTs in Africa

Local Governance and ICTs in Africa

Case Studies and Guidelines for Implementation and Evaluation
Edited by Edith Ofwona Adera, Timothy Mwololo Waema


Executive Summary

Chapter 1. Introduction: e-Governance in Africa
Edith Ofwona Adera

Chapter 2. The Research and Assessment Framework
Timothy Mwololo Waema

Chapter 3. Business Process Mapping for e-Local Governance Projects in Egypt
Aly A. Fahmy, Hatem M. Elkadi, and Hisham M. Abdelsalam

Chapter 4. The Application of ICTs on Life-Event Services in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Solomon Atnafu, Dessalegn Mequanint, and Yigremew Adal

Chapter 5. ICTs and Financial Management in Mavoko and Nyeri Municipal Councils, Kenya
Winnie V. Mitullah and Timothy Mwololo Waema

Chapter 6. Revenue Management Systems in Municipal and District Councils, Mauritius
Shalini Ramessur-Seenarain and Hemant Birandranath Chittoo

Chapter 7. Implementing a Citizen Registration System in Larache City, Morocco
Driss Kettani and Asmae Elmahdi

Chapter 8. Evaluating the Outcomes of e-Government Projects in Mozambique
Gertrudes Adolfo Macueve and José Leopoldo Nhampossa

Chapter 9. e-Governance for Social and Local Economic Development: Gauteng Province, South Africa
Luci Abrahams and Lutske Reid

Chapter 10. LoGICS: The Local Government Information Communication System of Uganda
Narathius Asingwire, Christopher Muhoozi, and Jennifer Angeyo

Chapter 11. ICTs for Political Inclusion and Good Governance in Northern Ghana
John Gasu and Jonnie Akakpo

Chapter 12. Conclusions and e-Local Governance Roadmap
Timothy Mwololo Waema