African Sexualities

African Sexualities

A Reader

Association for Women's Rights in Development
In 2003, Sylvia Tamale was named as the "Worst Woman of the Year" by a conservative bloc within Uganda. Working at the time as an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law at Makerere University (she later became its Dean), she was vilified for weeks within one of Kampala's major daily newspapers, New Vision, as responsible for everything from the moral degeneration of the nation to the reason Ugandan teenagers were going to go to hell.

- Jane Bennett, Association for Women's Rights in Development

Stellenbosch Literary Project
Oct 31, 2011
African Sexualities: A Reader edited by Sylvia Tamale, Pambazuka Press, 2011.

African Sexualities: A Reader brings together 66 contributions on African sexualities, ranging from critical essays, life stories, fiction and poems, to diary entries, conversations and interviews.

- Danson Kahyana, Stellenbosch Literary Project

Think Africa Press
Jul 11, 2011
This collection of essays and poems moves beyond Western stereotypes to explore all aspects of sexuality in Africa.

'The myth of black sexuality was simply a myth of excessive sexuality: it held that 'with the Negro everything takes place at the genital level' - Frantz Fanon

- Jenni Smout, Think Africa Press

Sylvia Tamale has given us a jewel of a book, drawing together a dazzling array of contributors from all over the continent to offer the most eloquent of repudiations of the many myths about sexualities in Africa. This landmark collection deserves to be widely read.
- Andrea Cornwall – Professor, School of Global Studies, University of Sussex, UK

African Sexualities: A Reader captures the physical and emotional aspects of African sexualities in their diverse forms and contexts, applying the question of power to these realities. An important affirmation, this book is a useful contribution to African literature on sexualities from Africa that is based on African perspectives and experiences.
- Ifi Amadiume – Professor and Writer, Dartmouth College, USA

Bravo! A book about Africans, published in Africa, and mostly written by Africans. Literally dozens of established scholars, activists, artists, and an emerging generation of young African intellectuals explore the diverse aspects of sexualities in Africa. The Reader can almost stand alone as a university course, challenging by its breadth, interdisciplinarity, and passion, the many stereotypes and silences that still encumber sexuality studies in Africa.
- Marc Epprecht – Professor, Queens University, Canada and author of 'Heterosexual Africa?'

This volume far surpasses its stated objective of 'amplifying the voices of Africans' by situating these in a critical and post-colonial feminist framework offering profound insights into the troubling dynamics of power, domination, subjectivity and cultural liberation that variously affect the continent’s people in today’s globalizing world. It gives voice to the seismic shifts in the politics of sexuality that are currently taking place. Tamale’s reputation as a courageous and highly accomplished feminist legal scholar and activist no doubt facilitated the stupendous outreach and research engagements that lie behind this volume.
- Amina Mama – Nigerian-British feminist Professor, University of California, Davis
Dr. Tamale's book blends activism, academia and common sense approaches to give us insight into African sexualities. She's to be commended for taking the risk to talk about topics that aren't often discussed – with candor, clarity and depth.