Nouvelles technologies  en Afrique :

Nouvelles technologies en Afrique :

une menace pour la souveraineté


Diana Bronson

Diana Bronson joined the ETC Group as a programme manager and researcher in January 2009. She is trained as a political scientist and sociologist and has a professional background in journalism (CBC radio current affairs) and human rights (Rights & Democracy). She spent many years working with civil society groups fighting neo-liberal economic policies that favoured the corporate sector, increased economic inequality and ran roughshod over human rights and basic democratic considerations. She has been involved in researching, writing and organizing around international and regional trade and investment liberalization agreements, Canadian mining companies and has participated in international negotiations on a variety of human rights issues. She has also worked on Parliament Hill as a director of policy for the Leader of the New Democratic Party.

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New technologies and the threat to sovereignty in Africa
Diana Bronson, Gareth Jones, Molly Kane, John Blessing Karumbidza, Anne Maina, Firoze Manji, Mariam Mayet, Pat Mooney, Oduo Ongwen, Silvia Ribeiro, Khadija Sharife, Jim Thomas, Kathy Jo Wetter
A range of articles, originally published in Pambazuka News, discussing the staggering developments in bio- and nanotechnology and the alarming implications for the African continent and the Global South at large.