Speaking Truth to Power: Selected Pan-African Postcards

Speaking Truth to Power: Selected Pan-African Postcards


Part 1 Taking a stand for gender equality and justice
• Ending violence against women
• Mothers should not die giving life
• Everyday should be a woman's day
• Winnie Mandela at 70
• Can Mama Ellen deliver liberty to Liberia?

Part 2 Speaking truth to power
• Corrupt leaders are mass murderers
• Respect term limits for democratic change
• Zimbabwe: as good a place as any to draw the line
• Justice for Zimbabwe regardless of the West
• Mu'ammer Gaddafi: the brother leader is wrong on revolutionaries in power not retiring
• Brown is wrong on Zimbabwe – but that does not make Mugabe right
• Killing of John Garang: who did it?
• The embarrassing grotesqueness of presidents
• Does Meles think he's Africa’s George Bush?
• Welcome to the Latin Americanisation of Nigerian politics
• Somalia: who are the real terrorists?
• After Taylor, who will be next?
• Africa: the many challenges to human rights in Africa
• Presidency in perpetuity

Part 3 Africa must unite – now!
• I’m not signing up to that
• East African leaders go into slow motion
• Union government of Africa: it’s now or never
• Don’t let them shave our heads from behind: mobilise for 25 May
• Pan-African perspectives and the African Union
• Africa without borders
• From now on I say: not in my name
• Pan-African parliament: finding its feet, learning
to walk

Part 4 Transforming cultural thought and values
• Why we must struggle against xenophobia!
• Don’t criminalise African languages
• Woza Africa!
• What is in a name?
• Football, Davids and Goliaths
• Let’s emancipate ourselves from mental slavery

Part 5 The African diaspora and Africa
• Obama’s challenge to Africans
• Obama: US president or world president?
• Keep Walter Rodney alive
• Hurricane Katrina: lessons for the US

Part 6 Building democratic institutions in Africa
• Who needs political parties?
• Discussing the state of African universities
• Democracy without democrats
• In defence of the ten theses on leadership

Part 7 Imperialism at work
• Greed, pauperisation, and the free market
• What can Africa expect from the G8?
• Rule of law or law of the rulers?
• World Social Forum winds up in Nairobi
• France should be in the dock, not Kagame
• Africa Day: who says slavery is dead?
• Who can be trusted with nuclear weapons?
• Slavery is not dead
• Bye-Bye to Blair, Brown, Bob and Bono, the B stars in poverty pornography
• White men in dark suits, ageing rockers and the AU summit
• Live Aid 2: 'It’s like trying to shave someone’s head in their absence’

Part 8 Africa and the world
• Three years after the invasion of Iraq
• There is something you can do about Lebanon
• Between colonialists and China: Africa needs to forge a new path

Part 9 Fighting for the Millennium Development Goals
• Africa can meet and go beyond the MDGs
• MDGs at midterm: is the political will there?
• Stand up against poverty

Part 10 For an Africa of free, equal and dignified citizens
• Taking Pan-Africanism to the people
• Restore to us what is naturally ours
• The demand for common citizenship
• Tajudeen’s last Pan-African Postcard: city beautification is destroying livelihoods