China en África

China en África

¿Ayuda o arrasa?


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African Perspectives on China in Africa

China in Africa: solidarity or exploitation?

China's involvement in Africa has provoked much debate and discussion. Is China just the latest in a line of exploiters of Africa's rich natural resources who put their own economic interests above humanitarian, environmental or human rights concerns?

Or is China's engagement an extension of 'South–South solidarity'? Does China's involvement enable African countries to free themselves from the tyranny of debt and conditionality that, through two decades of structural adjustment programmes, have reversed most of the gains of independence? Or is Africa swapping one tyranny for another?

Looking beyond the West's interests

Much of the commentary on China in Africa focuses either on assessing how Western capital's interest might be affected, or on denouncing China for practices that have for centuries been the norm for US and European powers – support for dictators, callous destruction of the environment, exploitation of minerals, and complete disregard for human rights.

Independent African perspectives

Lost in that noisy debate has been the voice of independent African analysts and activists. They are heard in this unique collection of essays from the prize-winning weekly electronic newsletter, Pambazuka News. As these articles demonstrate, there is no single 'African view' about China in Africa, but the authors are united by their concern for, and commitment to, social justice for Africa's people.

The contributors include Ali Askouri, Horace Campbell, Michelle Chan-Fishel, Moreblessings Chidaushe, John Blessing Karumbidza, Daniel Large, Anabela Lemos, Firoze Manji, Stephen Marks, Ndubisi Obiorah, Kwesi Kwaa Prah, Daniel Ribeiro and John Rocha.


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Title China en África
Subtitle ¿Ayuda o arrasa?
Edition First Edition
Preface by Firoze Manji
Introduction by Stephen Marks
Publisher Pambazuka Press
Imprint Fahamu Books
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Original Title African Perspectives on China in Africa
Original Language English
Original Edition First Edition
Original Publication 2007