China en África

China en África

¿Ayuda o arrasa?


Anabela A. Lemos

Anabela A. Lemos is a Mozambican environmental activist and founder member and director of JA! (Justiça Ambiental).

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African Perspectives on China in Africa
Ali Askouri, Horace Campbell, Michelle Chan-Fishel, Moreblessings Chidaushe, John Blessing Karumbidza, Daniel Large, Anabela A. Lemos, Ndubisi Obiorah, Kwesi Kwaa Prah, Daniel L Ribeiro, John Rocha
China's involvement in Africa has provoked much debate and discussion. Is China just the latest in a line of exploiters of Africa's rich natural resources who put their own economic interests above humanitarian, environmental or human rights concerns?

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