African Women Writing Resistance

African Women Writing Resistance

An Anthology of Contemporary Voices
Edited by Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez , Pauline Dongala, Omotayo Jolaosho, Anne Serafin


Preface: Roots of the Collection

Foreword: A Song in Seven Stanzas for Our Granddaughters
Abena P. A. Busia (Ghana)

African Women Writing Resistance: An Introduction
Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez with Pauline Dongala, Omotayo Jolaosho and Anne Serafin

Part One - Engaging with Tradition
The Day When God Changed His Mind
Eve Zvichanzi Nyemba (Zimbabwe)

The Old Woman
J. Tsitsi Mutiti (Zimbabwe)

Interview with Kaya a Mbaya (Congo)
Pierre Piya-Bouanga (Congo-Brazzaville)

Interview with Elisabeth Bouanga (Congo-Brazzaville): Remembrance of Things Past
Pauline Dongala (Congo-Brazzaville)

Part Two - Speaking Out: Young Women on Sexuality
Woman Weep No More
Sibongile Mtungwa (South Africa)

Letters to My Cousin
Catherine Makoni (Zimbabwe)

Story of Faith
Mamle Kabu (Ghana)

Lovesung for a Father, with Poet's Note
Zindzi Bedu (Nigeria)

It's Not Rape If…
Ann Kithaka (Kenya)

To Be or Not to Be a Lesbian: The Dilemma of Cameroon's Women Soccer Players
Sybille Ngo Nyeck (Cameroon)

My Name Is Kasha
Kasha N. Jacqueline (Uganda)

Cosmo Africa and Other Poems
Cheshe Dow (Botswana)

Part Three - Challenging the Institution of Marriage
Ann Kithaka (Kenya)

Hailstones on Zamfara
Sefi Atta (Nigeria)

The Good Woman
Patricia Chogugudza (Zimbabwe)

Ellen Mulenga Banda-Aaku (Zambia)

They Came in the Morning
Iheoma Obibi (Nigeria)

The Battle of the Words: Oratory as Women's Tool of Resistance to the Challenges of Polygamy in Contemporary Wolof Society
Marame Gueye (Senegal)

Part Four - Focusing on Survival: Women's Health Issues
Tell Me Why: Two Poems
Ann Kithaka (Kenya)

Surviving Me
Janine Lewis (South Africa)

The Struggle to End the Practice of Female Genital Mutilation
Nawal El Saadawi (Egypt)

Slow Poison
Juliana Makuchi Nfah-Abbenyi (Cameroon)

Just Keep Talking: Two Poems
Cheshe Dow (Botswana)

Tell Me a Lie
Ann Kithaka (Kenya)

Prayers and Meditation Heal Despair
Pauline Dongala (Congo-Brazzaville)

Part Five - Taking a Stand: Women as Activists against War, Environmental Degradation, and Social Conflict
A Poem Written in the Ink of the Blood Shed in Rwanda, with Poet's Note
Nathalie Etoké (Cameroon)

Excerpt from Biography of Ash
Khadija Marouazi (Morocco)

Women's Responses to State Violence in the Niger Delta
Sokari Ekine (Nigeria)

Excerpt from Child Soldier: Fighting for My Life
China Keitetsi (Uganda)

Don't Get Mad, Get Elected! A Conversation with Activist Wangari Maathai (Kenya)
Danielle Nierenberg and Mia MacDonald

Part Six - Writing from a Different Place: Perspectives on Exile and Diaspora
Musings of an African Woman: Excerpts from a Memoir in Progress
Kuukua Dzigbordi Yomekpe (Ghana)

A Moroccan Woman in the Glocal Village: Reflections on Islam, Identity, and Cultural Legacies
Touria Khannous (Morocco)

Knowing Your Place
Diana Adesola Mafe (Nigeria)

Letter to Clara
Susan Akono (Cameroon)

Part Seven - Standing at the Edge of Time: African Women's Visions of the Past, Present, and Future
We Are Our Grandmothers' Dreams: African Women Envision the Future
Pauline Dongala (Congo-Brazzaville), Marame Gueye (Senegal), Omotayo Jolaosho (Nigeria), Nimu Njoya (Kenya), and Abena P. A. Busia (Ghana)

Abena P. A. Busia (Ghana)

Suggestions for Further Reading