Development and Globalisation: Daring to Think Differently

Development and Globalisation: Daring to Think Differently


Foreword – Benjamin W. Mkapa, President of Tanzania 1995-2005 

Part I: Imperatives of Paradigm Shift

1 Rethinking the Development Paradigm 
Neoliberal Obscurantism and Its Ill-fated Children 
The Global Financial Meltdown and Lessons for the South 
Time for a New Bretton Woods Conference  
Ecuador's Proposal on the Financial Crisis 
The Decoupling Imperative 
Banco del Sur – Another Step Towards Decoupling 
A New Geopolitical Double Paradox Stalks the World 
The Non-Aligned Movement and the Collapse of the Doha Round 

2 Restructuring Global Governance 
Good Governance, Colonial Guilt and Contemporary Challenges 
The G8 Has No Legitimacy; It Should Dissolve Itself 
UNCTAD XII: Negotiating Diplomatic Truths 
Why Strengthening UNCTAD Is Also in the Interest of the North  
South Expectations of the Development Cooperation Forum 
A Case for Radical Reform of the World Trade Organisation  
A Perspective on the American Presidential Elections 
The Role of Civil Society in National Space

Part II: Some Specific Issues

3 Industrialisation, Technology, Innovation and Intellectual Property
Putting Production over Trade and Finance 
Rising to the Challenge of Innovation 
WIPO, WCO, Intellectual Property and Border Guards 

4 Climate, Energy and the Food Challenge 
Open Versus Closed Energy Systems and Climate Change 
Bali Must Put Development Squarely on the Climate Change Regime 
Why Is a Proper Analysis of the Current Food Crisis so Important 
Global Food Crisis: Alternatives to the Green Revolution 

5 Putting Trade into Perspective 
Some Home Truths About Current Negotiations on Agriculture at WTO  
A Paradox of Trade and Development 
EPAs Will Benefit Europe to the Cost of Both ACP and Latin American Countries  
Reflections on UNCTAD XII 

6 Ending Aid Dependence 
Development Dialogue with Donors 
Ending Aid Dependence: Conceptual Traps of an Outdated Aid Vocabulary 
Assessing the Accra Action Agenda 
Beyond the Paris Declaration by Benjamin W. Mkapa, President of Tanzania (1995–2005)

7 The Palestine–Israel Question 
The Palestine–Israel Question 
There Is Another Way Out of the Present Dilemma 

Part III: Role of the South Centre: Recalling Nyerere 

8 The South Centre, Its Promises and Challenges: Some Year End Reflections 

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