SMS Uprising: Mobile Activism in Africa

SMS Uprising: Mobile Activism in Africa

Edited by Sokari Ekine

The Guardian
Feb 3, 2010
Anne Perkins reviews SMS Uprising: Mobile activism in Africa - a book that will help explain how mobile phones can be used in the field to anyone daunted by technology

The trouble with people who know about mobile phone technology is that they are a lot better at good ideas than they are at explaining to non-techies what their good ideas are for. So I fell upon SMS Uprising: Mobile activism in Africa, a collection of essays by people who either write mobile applications or transfer them to the field, hoping that at last I would understand not so much what's going on as how.

- Anne Perkins, The Guardian

Information Technologies & International Development
Jun 1, 2011
Book Review: Mobilizing African Publics

Two recent edited volumes make contributions to the study of mobile communications in Africa. Sokari Ekine's SMS Uprising: Mobile Activism in
Africa is a collection of reports on innovative mobile activism and advocacy projects in Africa, sketched against a backdrop of the political economy

- Marion Walton, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Film and Media Studies, University of Cape Town, Information Technologies & International Development

Jun 18, 2010

AWID interviews Sokari Ekine

FRIDAY FILE: SMS Uprising: Mobile Activism in Africa is a book that interrogates the use of mobile phone telephony for activism in Africa. Do African women utilize this technology for women's rights advocacy? In an interview with AWID the book's editor Sokari Ekine gave her perspective.

- Kathambi Kinoti, AWID

Public Intelligence Blog
Feb 20, 2010
5.0 out of 5 stars
Beyond Six Stars–Hugely Important Useful Collection

This book will be rated 6 Stars and Beyond at Phi Beta Iota, the Public Intelligence Blog, where we can do things Amazon refuses to implement here, such as sort useful non-fiction into 98 categories, many of the categories focused on stabilization & reconstruction, pushing back against predatory immoral capitalism, and so on.

- Robert D. Steele, Public Intelligence Blog

Jun 7, 2010
The request to review this book couldn't have come at a better time. I was preparing for a trip to Nigeria to help the local Save the Children create a digital strategy for our child survival campaign. Mobile penetration in Nigeria is high. The country pioneered the use of SMS in their last elections in 2007 when they used Frontline SMS to report election violations. It is obvious that mobile should be the core of any digital strategy. But how has the technology developed recently and how is mobile now being used for social change on the continent?

- Branislava Milosevic, Head of Multimedia, Save the Children, Bond
Feb 10, 2010
SMS Uprising: Mobile Activism in Africa is a new collection of essays and case studies examining how SMS has been used in Africa for acticism. Essays include Amanda Atwood's report on Kubatana's experiences in Zimbabwe setting up mobiles as a means of sharing news outside of government propaganda, to Bukeni Waruzi's essay on collecting data on children’s rights violations in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2004. SMS Uprising is published by Fahamu, a British-based organization with a focus on information services for Africa.

- AnneryanHeatwole,

Feb 5, 2010
I have just finished reading a book edited by Sokari Ekine, SMS Uprising. Subtitled "Mobile Activism in Africa", it gives a great overview of the use of mobile technology for development and empowerment.

The book consists of two parts, each comprising a series of essays by international authors. The first four chapters target the context of mobile activism. Christian Kreutz has contributed a great summary of future trends and software developments in African mobile activism.

- Simon Columbus, DigiActive