Writing for change


Do you find writing a chore? Do you spend hours looking at a blank sheet of paper, wondering how to start? Then Writing for Change can help.

Researchers, campaigners, scientists, fundraisers, project managers, social activists and people who train writers will benefit from the unique combination of three sets of writing skills. The CD-ROM covers:

Effective writing: core skills

These are the basic skills you need for all kinds of effective writing:

* Deciding on what you want to say and to whom
* Assembling the evidence and organising your ideas into an outline
* Writing the first draft using a simple structure
* Editing the document to make it clear
* Using straightforward sentences and simple words.

Writing for science

Building on the core writing skills, Writing for science covers additional specialised skills such as:

* Choosing the most appropriate journal
* Following the conventions for presenting scientific information
* Responding to the comments of referees
* Correcting proofs.

Writing for advocacy

Advocacy involves persuading people to take the action you want. This section is about:

* Adapting your core writing skills for lobbying or campaigning documents
* Producing articles, leaflets, newsletters, pamphlets, press releases and posters.

Writing for Change is full of practical examples and exercises that you can apply to your own working experience. Writing for change contains examples from the field of international development and practical exercises that can be used by people who train writers. A resource centre contains training materials and links to related websites. Site maps and a printed users' guide make it easy to follow.

Put together by a team of experienced trainers, the CD-ROM can be used by:

* Individuals working on their own
* With a group in a training workshop
* As a handy reference tool.

Writing for Change is also available to read online.

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