Dust from our Eyes

Dust from our Eyes

An Unblinkered Look at Africa

Aug 1, 2009
Before we blame Africans for the corruption, chaos, and anarchy that are rampant across their continent, we should determine who are the corrupters, how they corrupt, and why they are permitted to continue. A course in Exploitation 101 might well prescribe Dust from Our Eyes as its text.
- Judy Kennedy, The CCPA Monitor

Apr 11, 2009
For most people their vision of Africa is based on coverage of news events and television ads for orphaned children. This means Africa is seen as a continent of dictators stuffing their pockets, tribal wars and starving, sick children, not of individual countries, with a rich history, and citizens who work to develop their country in the best interests of its people.

- P Marshall, Library Thing

Winnipeg Free Press
Dec 28, 2008
There is a saying that once you've been to Africa, it's hard to get the dust off your shoes. The magnetism of the African continent is legendary. But the West's interest in Africa is frequently more ignoble than noble.

- Adelia Neufeld Wiens, Winnipeg Free Press

Nov 23, 2008
Even while tackling so many politically charged issues, Dust from our Eyes remains a deeply human book, with a narrative and a set of interviews running through every chapter. This is a compelling work that could change your perspective on Africa and the West's impact there.
- Joseph Howse, The Chronicle Herald