Dust from our Eyes

Dust from our Eyes

An Unblinkered Look at Africa



Part I Breaking the heart-shaped continent
1 Who's crazy?
2 No longer ourselves
3 The case there for God
4 Miracles, marabouts and magic
5 Burying African hopes
6 Greasing the political gears
7 You are a good friend and we welcome you
8 Austerity ... for some

Part II The inevitable curse
9 Coffin of gold
10 All that glitters ... is taken away
11 Washing the blood from the diamonds
12 Strategic minerals, strategic games
13 Cotton-pickin’ hypocrisy
14 Why do you bring your mistakes here?

Part III Everyone is waving at me
15 Lots to sing about
16 The library is burning
17 View from Timbuktu