To Cook a Continent

To Cook a Continent

Destructive Extraction and the Climate Crisis in Africa

Nigerian Compass
Dec 21, 2011
...but I think chapter six should be of interest to those of us who are journalists most. Titled, Climate Chaos and False Solutions, it explains in greater detail the lies being churned out by some developed nations on global warming. Clearly Bassey's words should be taken more seriously because as a clergyman, some of his fellow pastors in the United States have been leading this denial chorus. He acknowledges that African governments are limited by poverty, weakened institutions and fragile ecosystems in dealing with climate variabilities. And for those who are still skeptical of the effects of climate change, this chapter will leave you not only bothered and troubled, but also fired up to do something about it.
- Wale Fatade, Nigerian Compass

May 1, 2012
Nnimmo Bassey's To cook a continent offers a provocative critique of contemporary resource
extraction (perhaps more properly, resource exploitation) in sub-Saharan Africa. Illustrating
the culpability of both internal agents and external players (including China), Bassey

- Mark Langan, Sheffield Hallam University, UK, International Affairs

An extremely insightful and eloquent book about what Africa can do to stop the new forms of colonisation that are being exaggerated by the chaos of climate change.
- Pablo Solon, former Bolivian ambassador to the United Nations
This powerful indictment of greed and ravaging of Africa's riches yet offers prospects for hope.
- Camilla Toulmin, IIED
From slaves to diamonds to oil, overconsuming countries have taken what they want from Africa for too long. Bassey lays out this history in rich detail and makes clear what Africa wants: Justice. Read it and join Bassey's call.

- Annie Leonard, author and presenter of 'The Story of Stuff'

Open To Cook a Continent and allow Nnimmo Bassey to share his understanding with you of the multiform crisis facing the peoples of Africa and their environment. His refreshing style makes his insights extremely accessible. His sweeping analysis of the continent's challenges, coming from one of Africa’s foremost environmentalists, is an inspiration to action.
- David Fig, chair, Biowatch South Africa and author, Staking their Claims: Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility in South Africa