African Perspectives on China in Africa

African Perspectives on China in Africa

Edited by Firoze Manji, Stephen Marks

'…the first attempt in recent years to examine African views of China'
- London Review of Books

'anyone interested in economic developments in Africa – and China – will find much useful material here'
- Charlie Hore, Socialist Review, Socialist Review

'This book is both an interesting and easy read, granting the reader access to an enriching debate and opening new questions. Bringing us a global vision of China's role in Africa in its small number of pages, the book is essential for lovers of contemporary Africa seeking an African perspective'
- Tania Adam, Centre d'Estudis Africans, Barcelona, Tania Adam, Nova Africa nº 22, Centre d'Estudis Africans
Jun 27, 2009
5 out of 5 stars

As a student researching China's relations in Africa, it is extremely refreshing to discover a book that specifically shows the African perspective. This book offers a variety of views on Chinese relations with African countries from different African countries with reactions to China ranging from hopeful to critical. Most books on China in Africa do not offer African voices and ignore them for the most part. This book proved useful in my research on Africa's response to Chinese involvement in the continent.
- Eccentric Bookworm