African Perspectives on China in Africa

African Perspectives on China in Africa

Edited by Firoze Manji, Stephen Marks


Firoze Manji

Stephen Marks

A new frontier in the exploitation of Africa's natural resources:
The emergence of China

John Rocha

Who's afraid of China in Africa?
Towards an African civil society perspective on China–Africa relations

Ndubisi Obiorah

Africa and China: then and now
Interview with Kwesi Kwaa Prah

Taking ownership or just changing owners?
Anabela Lemos and Daniel Ribeiro

China's investment in Sudan: displacing villages and destroying communities
Ali Askouri

Win–win economic cooperation: can China save Zimbabwe's economy?
John Blessing Karumbidza

China's grand re-entrance into Africa – mirage or oasis?
Moreblessings Chidaushe

China in Africa: challenging US global hegemony
Horace Campbell

Environmental impact: more of the same?
Michelle Chan-Fishel

As the beginning ends: China's return to Africa
Daniel Large