Where Law Meets Reality

Where Law Meets Reality

Forging African Transitional Justice
Edited by Moses Chrispus Okello, Chris Dolan, Undine Whande, Nokukhanya Mncwabe, Levis Onegi, Stephen Oola



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Levis Onegi

1 The paradox of alien knowledge, narrative and praxis: transitional justice and the politics of agenda setting in Africa
Brian Kagoro

2 A conflict-sensitive justice: adjudicating traditional justice in transitional contexts
Stephen Oola

3 Traditional justice as a form of adjudication in Uganda
Lyandro Komakech

4 Culture, customs, tradition and transitional justice
David Kaulemu

5 The politics of truth commissions in Africa: a case study of Kenya
Davis M. Malombe

6 Transitional justice and human rights in Africa
Christine Alai

7 The nexus between forced displacement and transitional justice
Lucy Hovil

8 The Peace, Recovery and Development Plan for Northern Uganda
Robert Senath Esuruku

9 Deconstruction and demonisation: the role of language in transitional justice
Pius Ojara

10 Reflections from practice: on learning, monitoring and evaluation in transitional justice programmes
Undine Whande

11 Towards African models of transitional justice
Tim Murithi