India in Africa: Changing Geographies of Power

India in Africa: Changing Geographies of Power

Edited by Emma Mawdsley, Gerard McCann

Post-Western World
Jan 12, 2012
This highly informative collection of essays edited by Emma Mawdsley and Gerard McCann provides the reader with an excellent overview of India's presence in Africa - a topic neglected by most books on Indian foreign policy (with the notable exception of Jacob's and Chandran's India's Foreign Policy- Old Problems, New Challenges, which includes a short chapter on the issue). While the topic of China's growing presence in Africa has long reached the mainstream media, India's role is largely unknown outside of a small but growing circle of specialists. As the editors recognize in the introduction, "China is certainly a more potent player in most African countries and sectors than India at present, so in part this very uneven interest simply responded to an accurate assessment of their relative material powers and impacts" - at the same time, India's influence in Africa is set to increase and it holds valuable lessons for other emerging powers active in Africa, namely Brazil and Turkey.

- Oliver Stuenkel, Professor of International Relations at the Getulio Vargas Foundation in São Paulo, Brazil , Post-Western World

India-Africa Connect
The present world order is undergoing a fundamental transformation in terms of unfolding the emergence of rising economic power houses that are trying to reposition themselves in the changing geopolitical architecture. Nowhere is such global dynamics of power restructuring more pronounced than in Africa, a continent that until recently remains the exclusive zone of the Western influence. Africa in recent years evokes renewed interests of the emerging powers, with China and India staying put at the forefront. Nevertheless, China's engagement with Africa has so far attracted relatively greater scrutiny compared to the relationships that other Asian actor reinvigorates with the African continent. The chief merit of this book lies in offering a richly documented, balanced and nuanced analysis of several facets of the current India-Africa engagement.

- Dr. Sandipani Dash, Research Fellow, Indian Council of World Affairs, India-Africa Connect

'An indispensable book for those who want to understand the compulsion and politics of recent Chinese and Indian involvement in Africa, written by experts in a language accessible to the non-expert.'
- Yash Ghai, activist, and scholar of international law, and Chairman of the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission 2000-2004

'A wide-ranging and highly readable book which deserves to become a standard work on one of the keynote South–South dynamics of the new century.'
- Dr Knox Chitiyo, Africa Fellow, Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies

'A book that must be read by anyone seeking to understand he contextual change affecting India—Africa relations: the transition from political solidarities of the past, to new relations based on commercial imperatives.'
- Davinder Lamba, executive director of the Mazingira Institute, Nairobi

'With India and other emerging powers increasingly eyeing the rich resources of the African continent, this book by leading experts makes both timely and essential reading.'
- Yash Tandon, former executive director of the South Centre, Geneva