India in Africa: Changing Geographies of Power

India in Africa: Changing Geographies of Power

Edited by Emma Mawdsley, Gerard McCann


Introduction: India's rise and the African horizons: a critical analysis

Part I  India–Africa relations in context

1  From littorals to liberalisation: a brief history of India–Africa relations
Gerard McCann
2  India–Africa relations in the twenty-first century: genuine partnership or a marriage of convenience?
Fantu Cheru & Cyril Obi
3  India and the 'Asian drivers' in Africa
Padraig Carmody
4  The virtues of reciprocity: Indian development cooperation and the insights of 'gift theory'
Emma Mawdsley

Part II  Contemporary India–East Africa engagements

5  India–Kenya economic relations and the impact on the Kenyan garment industry
Paul Kamau & Dorothy McCormick
6  'Diaspora', political economy and Indian investment in Kenya
Gerard McCann
7  Chinese and Indian entrepreneurs in the East African economies
Alex Gadzala
8  Debating the emerging actors in Africa: a CSO perspective
Sanusha Naidu
9  Medical tourism from Africa to India: opportunities and problems
Renu Modi
10  Awaaz: a personal journey
Zarina Patel

Part III  The wider picture: India–Africa 'partnerships'

11  India's security concerns in the western Indian Ocean
Alex Vines
12  Africa in India's quest for energy security
Ruchita Beri
13  Fragile fortunes: India's oil venture into war-torn Sudan
Luke Patey
14  India–Africa technology linkages: a sphere of South–South cooperation
Sachin Chaturvedi
15  India goes over to the other side: Indo–West African relations in the twenty-first century
Simona Vittorini & David Harris