No Land! No House! No Vote! Voices from Symphony Way

Symphony Way pavement dwellers


Raj Patel

Miloon Kothari

This is the hard truth…
Aunty Jane Roberts

Anthea and Theodore Williams and family

The Bush of Evil
Lola Wentzel and family

Court case of two innocent people
Jolene Arendse

Zuleiga Dyers

You can still get married on the pavement
Qiyaamudeen Alexander

Geagte Lesers/Dear Reader
R Levember

To the minister of housing
Shamiela Fataar

The fire and the struggle on Symphony Rd
Dawn, Gerald, Nicole (13 years old), Courtney (7 years old) and Dominique Hendricks (1 year and 3 months old)

Letter to the former Minister of Housing, Lindiwe Sisulu
Mr and Mrs Davids

Our Struggle on the road for 14 years
Mr Abdulgaliek Samuels and Family (Faiezah, Abdia, Shakeera, Ismail, and Tashreeq)

Stragel [Struggle]
Mr Saal and family

The Pavement and the TRA dwellers
Aunty Badru

In South Africa you have to fight for a house
Doreen Lewis

The world seen through a struggling soul…
Miss L. Jansen

Do you think that is right?
Jeanette J Smith

Struggle for Freedom, Struggle for a Home
Jacolene Faroa

A South African senior citizen
Matilda Groepe

To all my fellow comrades in da struggle: Don't Give Up!!
Comrade Vicky

Hier het ek geleer om te deel/Here I've learned to share
Florrie Langenhoven

My Struggle
Sharon Coleridge en famielie/Sharon Coleridge and family

The struggle
Alfred Arnolds

What is rightfully ours is houses
Bahiya Claasen

A Gift From God
René Onverwag, and the Onverwag Family

Aluta Continua!
Kareemah, Zainodien, Madenieyah, Zaid, and Mushfeekah Linneveldt and Shanur Davids

Struggle for Houses
Valerie and Melvin Solomons

We didn’t lose faith in staying in the struggle
Lee-ann Erasmus and the Erasmus family

These conditions are not for elderly people
Cynthia Twigg

Survival and my Struggle
Amanda Engelbrecht

Here I’ve learned
C.D. Small

To Whom it May Concern
Bonita, Dwayne and Ashwin Seconds, and Daniel Mathys

Living on the Pavement: My Life on Symphony Way
Mina Mahema

We won’t tolerate any violence in our road
Jerome Daniels

My Story
Mncedisi Shaun Plaatjies

We deserve a house!
Sarita, Nigel, Kurtly, Shane, Charl, and Gabriel Jacobs

Ons 'bly of gly’ huis/Our 'Stay or Go’ house
Nicolene Manewel

John (Daddy) Pa, Jeniffer (Mommy) Ma and Sandonique Schultz (Daughter) Dogter, ouderdom 16/John (Daddy) Pa, Jeniffer (Mommy) Ma and Sandonique Schultz (Daughter, 16 years) Dogter

You can light your candle when you want to
Nicholas Reynolds

I choose to take a stand
Arnold Hendricks-Van Wyk

Our sea of troubles here in Symphony way
Sharon Payn

From the poor man to the rich man to conciliate the grounds of where we come from
Conway Payn

How the pavement changed our life
Bonita, Kaylin, Cameron and Dowayne Jubelin, and Henry Kammies

My Silver Lining
Shamiela Mullins and family

To Whom it May Concern
Miss M. De Jongh

Our Days of Struggle
Willem and Susan Hendricks

Die pad is toe/The road is closed
Kashifa, Sedick Jacobs, Zakeer and Sedeeqa Jacobs/
Kashifa, Sedick Jacobs, Zakeer en Sedeeqa Jacobs

Postscript: Symphony Way is not dead. We are still Symphony Way. We will always be Symphony Way.
Symphony Way Anti-Eviction Campaign press release