The Burden of Peace

The Burden of Peace

Women Speak in the Aftermath of Kenya's Post-Election Crisis
Edited by Anthony Kung'u, Peter Ndung'u

Dec 12, 2010
It is sad, but hardly surprising, that the narrative about the post-election violence is once again being dominated by male voices.

Whether as alleged perpetrators of the violence or seekers of justice for the victims of the atrocities committed in 2007/8, the story about what happened, who did what to whom, and under whose command, is being told and interpreted mainly by men.

- Rasna Warah, Daily Nation, Kenya

Daily Nation, Kenya
Feb 27, 2010
When three policemen raided Rosemary Akinyi's house in Kibera at the height of the post-election violence, she had only one request when their intentions became clear.

Rape me, if you must, but please spare my teenage daughter. They accepted the deal. Four months later, she was diagnosed with HIV.

- Murithi Mutiga, Daily Nation, Kenya