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Where Law Meets Reality
Forging African Transitional Justice
Considering the core debates about how to develop a transitional justice agenda that best responds to the African context, this book addresses the tension between justice, peace and reconciliation.

Christof Heyns, UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, and Professor of Human Rights Law, University of Pretoria

The most important part of addressing the challenge to break the hold of human rights violations on any society, is to understand the dynamics at work. This book brings together some of the people who are best placed to guide us in this process in Africa, and to present us with a guide to action.

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Global NATO and the Catastrophic Failure in Libya
Horace Campbell
In this elegantly written and incisive account, scholar Horace Campbell investigates the political and economic crises of the early twenty-first century through the prism of NATO's intervention in Libya.

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Tax Us If You Can
Why Africa Should Stand Up for Tax Justice
Tax Justice Network-Africa
Regressive taxes and ineffective administration undermine tax systems, and loopholes and secrecy jurisdictions enable multinationals to evade tax. This short book sets out the causes and consequences of tax injustice in Africa and suggests solutions.

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The Agrarian Question in the Neoliberal Era
Primitive Accumulation and the Peasantry
Sam Moyo, Utsa Patnaik
Capitalism manoeuvres to control agricultural production in developing countries where neoliberalism has already decreased food security. Unless the land rights of small producers are defended, their active resistance will undermine political stability.

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India in Africa: Changing Geographies of Power
India's growing interactions with Africa call for analysis. Drawing on case studies, this book focuses on the interrelated areas of trade and investment, geopolitics and diplomacy, development cooperation, and identity and citizenship.

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Local Governance and ICTs in Africa
Case Studies and Guidelines for Implementation and Evaluation
With case studies from nine African countries this book provides a rich understanding of the status of e-governance in Africa, assesses the effects of ICTs on local governance, and offers a 'roadmap' for policymakers, decision-makers, and practitioners.

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Global History
A View from the South
Samir Amin
This short book includes studies of capitalism in the ancient world system, central Asia's place in it, the challenge of globalisation, Europe and China's two roads to development, and Russia in the global system.

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Ending the Crisis of Capitalism or Ending Capitalism?
Samir Amin
Amin explores the systemic crisis of capitalism after two decades of neoliberal globalisation and examines the domination of the South through the North's intensifying military intervention. He proposes North-South collaboration for a more humane society.

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Modernity, Religion and Democracy: A Critique of Eurocentrism and Culturalism
Samir Amin
'Eurocentrism' is a classic of radical thought by one of the world's foremost political economists. His new introduction and concluding chapter make this provocative essay about one of the great 'ideological deformations' of our time even more compelling.

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En finir avec la dépendance à l'aide
Ending Aid Dependence
Yash Tandon
Developing countries reliant on aid want to escape this dependence, and yet they appear unable to do so. This book shows how they may liberate themselves from the aid that pretends to be developmental but is not.

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