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Ending Aid Dependence
Yash Tandon
Tandon cautions against the aid colonialism of the rich donor countries. Developing countries dependent on aid can liberate themselves from the aid that pretends to be developmental but is not – but it requires a radical shift in their strategy.

This title is also available in French

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Silences in NGO Discourse
The role and future of NGOs in Africa
Issa G. Shivji
NGOs' acceptance of funding from international financial institutions and development agencies has played an unwitting role in consolidating neoliberalism in Africa and eroding the gains of independence rather than effecting positive change.

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From the Slave Trade to 'Free' Trade
How trade undermines democracy and justice in Africa
Drawing on lessons from the slave trade, studies of international finance and the struggles of many African people to make a living, this book shows how free trade damages democracy, justice and the environment in Africa.

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African Voices on Development and Social Justice
Editorials from Pambazuka News 2004
African perspectives on development and social justice in Africa are rarely heard in Northern media. This book offers a collection of editorials from 'Pambazuka News' that explore concerns including underdevelopment, aid, trade, debt and globalisation.

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