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Experiments with Peace:
Celebrating Peace on Johan Galtung's 80th Birthday
Desmond Tutu introduces 34 wide-ranging essays including: resistance to taxation for the military, global terrorism, nonviolent revolutions, sport in conflict transformation, Obama's Nobel Peace Prize, moving from violent to peace-oriented masculinities…

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SMS Uprising: Mobile Activism in Africa
SMS Uprising: Mobile Activism in Africa brings together the experiences of activists using mobile phone technology on the African continent as well as providing understanding of the socio-economic, political and media contexts which activists face.

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India in Africa: Changing Geographies of Power
India's growing interactions with Africa call for analysis. Drawing on case studies, this book focuses on the interrelated areas of trade and investment, geopolitics and diplomacy, development cooperation, and identity and citizenship.

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No Land! No House! No Vote! Voices from Symphony Way
Symphony Way pavement dwellers
'A beauty, extraordinary in every way', Naomi Klein, author of 'The Shock Doctrine' Shack-dwelling families in Cape Town who were evicted from their homes write about the vibrant community they created on the street and their anti-eviction campaign.

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Africa's Liberation: The Legacy of Nyerere
Emeka Anyaoku, Ana Camacho, Horace Campbell, Seithy Chachage, Ng'wanza Kamata, Faustin Kamuzora, Helen Kijo-Bisimba, Chris Maina Peter, Salma Maoulidi, Marjorie Mbilinyi, Neema Ndunguru, Haroub Othman, Nawal El Saadawi, Mohamed Sahnoun, Issa G. Shivji, Vicensia Shule
Leading commentators, those who fought imperialism alongside Nyerere, members of a younger generation and the Pan-Africanist giant of the liberation movement, Nyerere himself, reflect on leadership, economic development, land, human rights and education.

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Tax Us If You Can
Why Africa Should Stand Up for Tax Justice
Tax Justice Network-Africa
Regressive taxes and ineffective administration undermine tax systems, and loopholes and secrecy jurisdictions enable multinationals to evade tax. This short book sets out the causes and consequences of tax injustice in Africa and suggests solutions.

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Earth Grab
Geopiracy, the New Biomassters and Capturing Climate Genes
ETC Group
As greedy eyes focus on the global South's resources this book 'pulls back the curtain on disturbing technological and corporate trends that are already reshaping our world and that will become crucial battlegrounds for civil society in the years ahead.

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Nouvelles technologies en Afrique :
une menace pour la souveraineté
Diana Bronson, Gareth Jones, Molly Kane, John Blessing Karumbidza, Anne Maina, Firoze Manji, Mariam Mayet, Pat Mooney, Oduo Ongwen, Silvia Ribeiro, Khadija Sharife, Jim Thomas, Kathy Jo Wetter

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The Agrarian Question in the Neoliberal Era
Primitive Accumulation and the Peasantry
Sam Moyo, Utsa Patnaik
Capitalism manoeuvres to control agricultural production in developing countries where neoliberalism has already decreased food security. Unless the land rights of small producers are defended, their active resistance will undermine political stability.

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New technologies and the threat to sovereignty in Africa
Diana Bronson, Gareth Jones, Molly Kane, John Blessing Karumbidza, Anne Maina, Firoze Manji, Mariam Mayet, Pat Mooney, Oduo Ongwen, Silvia Ribeiro, Khadija Sharife, Jim Thomas, Kathy Jo Wetter
A range of articles, originally published in Pambazuka News, discussing the staggering developments in bio- and nanotechnology and the alarming implications for the African continent and the Global South at large.

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