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No Land! No House! No Vote! Voices from Symphony Way

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China and Angola
A Marriage of Convenience?

Much mythologising has taken place about China and Africa, but detailed work on individual relationships is rare and, where it exists, of poor standard ...more

 Stephen Chan, School of Oriental and African Studies, London 

The Great Food Robbery
How Corporations Control Food, Grab Land and Destroy the Climate

Everyone should read The Great Food Robbery – every citizen, every political leader – to understand how agribusiness, which has created hunger and disease, is now contributing to the biggest resource grab since Columbus.
Vandana Shiva, Navdanya/Research Foundation for Science Technology & Ecology


African Awakening
The Emerging Revolutions

These impressive essays, highlighting unreported struggles for empowerment and democracy across Africa, challenge you to look beyond the headlines – a ...more

 Walter Turner, author, professor and presenter of the Pacifica radio programme 'Africa Today' 

Global History
A View from the South
Samir Amin

The books follow the pertain of intellectual researches of the septugenerian thinker and revolutionary scholar. Amin's life, since youth have been about ...more

 Nigerian Compass 

From Citizen to Refugee
Uganda Asians come to Britain
Mahmood Mamdani

In his 1973 book From Citizen to Refugee, recently re-issued, Mahmood Mamdani went beyond easy explanations to understand the implications of Idi Amin's ...more

 The Africa Report Magazine 

To Cook a Continent
Destructive Extraction and the Climate Crisis in Africa
Nnimmo Bassey

An extremely insightful and eloquent book about what Africa can do to stop the new forms of colonisation that are being exaggerated by the chaos of climate ...more

 Pablo Solon, former Bolivian ambassador to the United Nations 

Chinese and African Perspectives on China in Africa

China's presence in Africa and elsewhere in the world has been one of the most phenomenal developments in the last few decades. This edited book adds to ...more

 Richard B. Dadzie, University of Hawaii - West O'ahu, African Affairs 111 

India in Africa: Changing Geographies of Power

'An indispensable book for those who want to understand the compulsion and politics of recent Chinese and Indian involvement in Africa, written by experts ...more

 Yash Ghai, activist, and scholar of international law, and Chairman of the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission 2000-2004 

Reclaiming African History
Jacques Depelchin

The need to distill complex history into an easily digestible form suitable for policy action has never been more apparent than in today's ...more

 Peter Limb, Michigan State University, African Publishing Review 

African Sexualities
A Reader
Sylvia Tamale

Read Sylvia Tamale's introduction as published by the Nordic Africa Institute here.

Understanding the Somalia Conflagration
Identity, Political Islam and Peacebuilding
Afyare Abdi Elmi

Twenty years ago Somalia's central, dictatorial government was ousted. The ouster did not only lead to a change of regime but it also brought about state ...more

 Liban Ahmad, editor of Somalia Research Report, 

African Women Writing Resistance
An Anthology of Contemporary Voices

Many of the contributions are intriguing and achieve a remarkable personal intensity; in many cases, they bear witness to the resilience and discernment ...more

 Anja Oed, Africa Spectrum 46(3) 2011 

Aid to Africa: Redeemer or Coloniser?

This is an extract from an article which can be read in full on the ...more

 Denis Tither , SocioLingo Africa 

SMS Uprising: Mobile Activism in Africa

Anne Perkins reviews SMS Uprising: Mobile activism in Africa - a book that will help explain how mobile phones can be used in the field to anyone ...more

 Anne Perkins, The Guardian 

Food Sovereignty
Reconnecting Food, Nature and Community

Anyone in Britain alarmed by rising inflation should look to an Indian villager for understanding about the latest worry in the global economy. Last year a ...more

 Raj Patel, The Guardian, The Guardian 

Experiments with Peace:
Celebrating Peace on Johan Galtung's 80th Birthday

This book is produced with the kind support of the Dag Hammarskjöld Program and Networkers South–North.

If you're an African non-governmental organisation of limited funds, please email to arrange a complimentary copy of this ebook (Adobe PDF).

Africa's Liberation: The Legacy of Nyerere
Emeka Anyaoku, Ana Camacho, Horace Campbell, Seithy Chachage, Ng'wanza Kamata, Faustin Kamuzora, Helen Kijo-Bisimba, Chris Maina Peter, Salma Maoulidi, Marjorie Mbilinyi, Neema Ndunguru, Haroub Othman, Nawal El Saadawi, Mohamed Sahnoun, Issa G. Shivji, Vicensia Shule

Julius Nyerere was the founding president of Tanzania from its independence in 1961 until 1985, when he voluntarily stepped down and did not seek another ...more

 Rolf Hofmeier, former director of the Institute of African Affairs in Hamburg (part of the German Institute of Global and Area Studies), Africa Spectrum vol 45 no 3 

Speaking Truth to Power: Selected Pan-African Postcards
Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem


The first thing that crossed my mind when I read this book was: wow! Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem is one of those brilliant African minds that was ...more

  Kenyantraveller's Blog - Stories from the road 

The Burden of Peace
Women Speak in the Aftermath of Kenya's Post-Election Crisis

It is sad, but hardly surprising, that the narrative about the post-election violence is once again being dominated by male voices.

Whether as ...more

 Rasna Warah, Daily Nation, Kenya 

Modernity, Religion and Democracy: A Critique of Eurocentrism and Culturalism
Samir Amin

The books follow the pertain of intellectual researches of the septugenerian thinker and revolutionary scholar. Amin's life, since youth have been about ...more

  Nigerian Compass 

Ending the Crisis of Capitalism or Ending Capitalism?
Samir Amin

The books follow the pertain of intellectual researches of the septugenerian thinker and revolutionary scholar. Amin's life, since youth have been about ...more

 Nigerian Compass 

Ending Aid Dependence
Yash Tandon

As former Tanzanian President, Benjamin W. Mkapa, stated in his forward,

At a time when the competition for oil, fuels, land and commodities is ...more

 Amir Demeke, East African 

This title is also available in French

Development and Globalisation: Daring to Think Differently
Yash Tandon

'These essays promise to stand the test of time.'

 Benjamin W. Mkapa, President of Tanzania 1995–2005 

Dust from our Eyes
An Unblinkered Look at Africa
Joan Baxter

Before we blame Africans for the corruption, chaos, and anarchy that are rampant across their continent, we should determine who are the corrupters, how ...more

 Judy Kennedy, The CCPA Monitor 

Silences in NGO Discourse
The role and future of NGOs in Africa
Issa G. Shivji

The two brief essays that comprise this booklet are exemplary, both originally presented to gatherings of NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) ...more

 John S. Saul, Professor Emeritus of politics at York University in Toronto 

From the Slave Trade to 'Free' Trade
How trade undermines democracy and justice in Africa
As the world prepares to celebrate the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition on August 23, a new book on the lessons ...more
 Philip Ngujiri, The East African 

China's New Role in Africa and the South
A search for a new perspective

China's New Role in Africa and the South is a collection of essays emanating from a conference held in May 2007 on the sidelines of the African Development ...more

 Johanna Jansson, The China Monitor, Centre for Chinese Studies 

African Voices on Development and Social Justice
Editorials from Pambazuka News 2004

If you're an African non-governmental organisation of limited funds, please email to arrange a complimentary copy of this ebook (Adobe PDF).

Ebook orders within the United Kingdom include VAT.

Women and Security Governance in Africa

Women and Security Governance in Africa edited by 'Funmi Olonisakin and Awino Okech consists of a collection of African writers whose aim is to ...more

 Kofi Johnson, Fayetteville State University, African Publishing Review 

Food Rebellions!
Crisis and the Hunger for Justice
Eric Holt-Giménez, Raj Patel

In this very timely book, two of the world's most prominent critics of the global food system, Eric Holt-Giménez and Raj Patel, dissect the causes of hunger ...more

 Walden Bello, president of the Freedom from Debt Coalition and professor of sociology at the University of the Philippines 

The Crash of International Finance-Capital and its Implications for the Third World
Dani Wadada Nabudere

Reading this abridged version again, as I first did in 1989 before its publication, is like reading history backwards. Professor Nabudere had predicted the ...more

 Yash Tandon, former executive director of the South Centre and author of Ending Aid Dependence