African Voices on Development and Social Justice

African Voices on Development and Social Justice

Editorials from Pambazuka News 2004
Edited by Patrick Burnett, Firoze Manji


CHAPTER 1: Africa and the Process of 'Undevelopment'

Neo-liberal Globalisation and Its Social Consequences
Adebayo Olukoshi

How Africa Develops Europe (and the Rest of the Rich World):
Real Development and Aid
Antoinette Ntuli

World Debt Day: Who Owes Whom?
Interview with Demba Moussa Dembele

Violently Intent on Keeping Us in Poverty: International Trade Policy
Riaz Tayob

NEPAD: South Africa, African Economies and Globalisation
Henning Melber

From Partition to Re-Unification: 120 Years Since the Partition of Africa
Rotimi Sankore

The Challenges Before Africa and the African Union
Rotimi Sankore and Firoze Manji

CHAPTER 2: Remembering Rwanda

Rwanda Ten Years after the Genocide:
Some Reminders of the International Response to the Crisis
Gerald Caplan

Why We Must Never Forget the Rwandan Genocide
Gerald Caplan

Towards Justice and Reconciliation in Rwanda: Taking Stock
Eugenia Zorbas

Safe Sanctuary? The Role of the Church in Genocide
Camille Karangwa

Children of Rwanda: Legacy of the Genocide, the Future of Rwanda
Sara Rakita

Why? How? Searching for Answers in the Diaspora
Vincent Gasana

Why Does Genocide 'Happen'?
Rotimi Sankore

Mirroring Rwanda's Challenges: the Refugee Story
Sarah Erlichman

Neutralising the Voices of Hate: Broadcasting and Genocide
Richard Carver

The Genocide Problem: 'Never Again' All Over Again
Part I
Gerald Caplan

The Genocide Problem: 'Never Again' All Over Again
Part II
Gerald Caplan

CHAPTER 3: Joining Hands: Regional Integration in Southern Africa

Regional Cooperation: What Future for SADC?
Henning Melber

SADC's Regional Security Arrangements
Laurie Nathan

CHAPTER 4: Not Yet a Force for Freedom: the Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa

Rights of Women in Africa: Launch of a Petition to the African Union
Mary Wandia

Unfinished Business – African Leaders Must Act Now to Ratify the Protocol on the Rights of Women
Faiza Jama Mohamed

A Plea for Ratification
Zeinab Kamil Ali

The Entry into Force of the Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa:
a Challenge for Africa and Women
Kafui Adjamagbo-Johnson

African States: Equal to the Task?
Hannah Forster

Putting an End to Female Genital Mutilation: the African Protocol
on the Rights of Women
Faiza Jama Mohamed

From Beijing to Addis Ababa: What Progress for African Women?
Kafui Adjamagbo-Johnson

Women and Other Gender Concerns in Post-Conflict Reconstruction
Eugenia Date-Bah

CHAPTER 5: Resource Exploitation in Nigeria

Shell Fights Fires Over Niger Delta Oil Spill
Tim Concannon

Oil and Corporate Recklessness in Nigeria's Niger Delta Region
Joel Bisina

Taking Control of Africa's Resources
Eno Anwana

CHAPTER 6: Discussing the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Heart of Africa

DRC: Globalisation, War and the Struggle for Freedom
Ernest Wamba Dia Wamba

War and Impunity in the DRC: Sowing the Seeds for Catastrophe
Innocent Balemba

A History of the DRC in One Line:
Leopold, Resources, Coups, Impunity
Interview with Joseph Yav Katshung

Peacekeepers and Gender: DRC and Sierra Leone
Paul Higate

CHAPTER 7: An 'Unhappy Birthday': the World Bank and International Monetary Fund Turn 60

Recalcitrant Reformers Require Tougher Tactics
Patrick Bond

The Rains Do Not Fall on One Person's Roof…
Interview with Rudy Amenga-Etego

Global Apartheid Continues to Haunt Global Democracy
Charles Mutasa

Ignoring the EIR: How Industry, Government and the Bank
Chose Profits Over People
Abdulai Darimani

The International Monetary Fund and World Bank in Africa:
a 'Disastrous' Record
Demba Moussa Dembele

A Happy Birthday? The Chad–Cameroon Oil Pipeline One Year On
Akong Charles Ndika

CHAPTER 8: The Road Home for Africa's Refugees

Protecting the Rights of Refugees in Africa: Beginning with the UN Gatekeeper
Barbara Harrell-Bond and Mike Kagan

World Refugee Day: a Time to Celebrate? 201
James Milner

World Aids Day: the Clock is Still Ticking
Hein Marais

Poverty, the Next Frontier in the Struggle for Human Rights 210
Pierre Sané

CHAPTER 9: Four Years Down the Road in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe in March 2004: Four Years
on from the Beginning of the Plunge
Mary Ndlovu

Open Letter to Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma and Other Women
in the South African Cabinet
Everjoice J. Win

Zimbabwe – 'The Government Wants the People to Give Up Hoping'
Steve Kibble

Media Repression in Zimbabwe
Henning Melber

Nation, Race and History in Zimbabwean Politics
Brian Raftopoulos

CHAPTER 10: Naming the Darfur Genocide

The Sudanese Government's Gun Barrel Politics in Darfur
Eva Dadrian

Sudan: Calling Genocide by its Rightful Name
Eva Dadrian

Darfur Beyond the Crossroads: Struggles of African Nationalism Kwesi Kwaa Prah

How Can We Name the Darfur Crisis? Preliminary Thoughts on Darfur
Mahmood Mamdani


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