New technologies and the threat to sovereignty in Africa

New technologies and the threat to sovereignty in Africa


Silvia Ribeiro

Silvia Ribeiro is the Latin America Director for ETC group. She is based in Mexico. She has a background as a journalist and environmental campaigner in Uruguay, Brazil and Sweden.

She has extensive experience in social and environmental advocacy. As a civil society representative, she has attended and followed the negotiations of several of United Nations environmental treaties. She has also been an invited speaker at many civil society events around the world speaking on transgenic and other new technologies, corporate concentration, intellectual property, indigenous and farmers' rights.

Silvia has written articles and book chapters related to these issues, published in Latin America, Europe and North America. She is a member of the editorial committee of the Latin American magazine

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Nouvelles technologies en Afrique :
une menace pour la souveraineté
Diana Bronson, Gareth Jones, Molly Kane, John Blessing Karumbidza, Anne Maina, Firoze Manji, Mariam Mayet, Pat Mooney, Oduo Ongwen, Silvia Ribeiro, Khadija Sharife, Jim Thomas, Kathy Jo Wetter